Raechele Banfield


Hello my name is Raechele and I have been working within the early childhood field for 16 years in various positions from a trainee, to a room leader, centre director, area manager and consultant. These roles have contributed to my knowledge and passion within the field of early childhood.  Within my role, I love to mentor and share ideas with the educators.  Outside of Cobbs Road Early Learning and Kinder, I am a mother of three fantastic children and am currently a student at Charles Sturt University completing my final year within the Bachelor of Early Childhood Education. I thoroughly enjoy getting to know the children and families within Cobbs Road Early Learning and Kinder, and developing an ongoing partnership throughout their child’s time here. I hope to provide a safe, warm and welcoming place for children and their families and somewhere they enjoy coming to each day.



Hanna Johnson


I value early childhood education as the foundation for lifelong learning. I believe that each child is a unique individual and should be viewed, respected and treated as such. I have had the pleasure of educating and guiding young children for seven years. I am currently studying at Swinburne University of Technology to obtain by Bachelor of Early Childhood Education. Throughout my time I model respect, empathy, patience and care for all children and families that I have encounter.  I endeavor to guide and scaffold children’s learning by providing them with enriched experiences that are challenging, yet attainable. One of my hopes as an educator is to instill a love of learning and excitement, as I share my own passion for learning with them.