We pride ourselves on having a low staff turnover, and a staff to child ratio that is better than the recommended ratio.

As a minimum, most of our staff hold the following qualifications:

  • Working With Childrens Check
  • First Aid Level II Certificate
  • CPR
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Asthma
  • Food handling
  • Qualifications in Childcare

At Cobbs Road Early Learning & Kinder we believe that the role of an educator is to provide an environment that cater for the individual needs of the children and the families. As educators, we follow the New South Wales Early Years Learning Framework and work with the Code of Ethics.

Educators continue to further develop their skills and knowledge through self-reflection, readings and research, and professional development.

Through observations, developmental knowledge, cultural awareness and a friendly and open approach to our daily interactions, we provide an environment that is open, warm, safe and caring for the children and their families.

We ensure that we treat all children and family members equally and with respect, regardless of race, gender, socio-economic status, ability or religion. We take pride in our inclusive nature and we foster a sense of belonging to this community.


Raechele Banfield



I have been involved within the early childhood field for 15 years, as an Educator, Director and Consultant, both in Long Day Care and Outside School Hours care. I have assisted centre’s in operational management, consultancies,  and providing exceptional care within their daily practice. I have worked in centre’s all across Australia and love the early childhood field.

I am passionate about providing children with an exciting space in which they can learn, something that engages them and makes them want to get involved, something they can go home and excitedly tell their loved ones about.

I love providing with children with somewhere that they are accepted for them, they are safe, they are cared for and they can just be.  I love seeing the anticipation on the child’s face as they come into the centre each day knowing their day is going to be full of excitement as they learn through play. Watching the children grow and develop into confident and capable learners is something I am truly grateful to be a part of. I am lucky enough to be a part of the wonder and excitement that is childhood, and every day I witness children’s wonder and happiness and I know I am in the right field.


Amanda Fischer


I have worked in the childcare industry for almost 10 years, though this time I have had the pleasure to work with children all ages. I have taken on roles such as WHS and cultural officer which are rewarding roles and close to my heart.

I love engaging with the children, as they are able to explore, challenge and achieve their goals while strengthening their inner self. During my day with children I am able to observe them build upon their knowledge and understanding of the world that surrounds them, and this is such a joy, and I feel truly blessed.

Working with the kinder children I find rewarding to watch them grow and learn through the learning environment and play experiences that provide them with the necessary tools to be able to confidently enter the next chapter of their educational experience. I am passionate about assisting families through this transition to help assisting them in through their child’s development.


Krystle Loizides


This position is my second permanent position since completing my bachelor degree. My passion has always circulated around early childhood education and this passion derived almost 10 year ago. My knowledge is implemented within my practice each day as I intentionally teach and scaffold children’s learning beyond their atypical development.

It is a pleasure to be incorporated within a child’s life journey, observing them grow and develop especially within the most crucial developmental years of their life.

I can positively state that early childhood is my passion. Children consistently amaze me each and every day. They have become a part of my everyday life and professional practice. Having the opportunity to observe children grow and develop brings great joy to my face as they are consistently reach their developmental milestones.


Hayley Chambers


I have been in the childcare industry for 15 years, 6 years of which have been in the kitchen.

I love to educate children on the importance of healthy eating and why it is important for your body.

I love watching the look on children’s faces as they try a food they may have not been exposed to before, or watch a child deemed a fussy eater actually try something new, it is very rewarding. Watching children develop self-help skills within the kitchen is amazing to witness.

I learnt to cook from my nan, so to share and expand my knowledge with children, families and the community is amazing. Helping a family with strategies to get a child to eat veggies and them to then do it is a great feeling.